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YouTube is one of the largest social mediums where one can express themselves. It is the biggest video channel. Whether you want music videos, movie trailers, DIY hacks or literally anything else, you can find everything here on YouTube. As easy as this makes our lives, starting and maintaining a YouTube channel still can be pretty hard. Especially if you are unaware of the statistics of your own channel or the workings of YouTube.

YT Channel Analytics is one of the most important YouTube channel tools especially for someone who either already has a channel or is thinking of starting one. Not only will YouTube channel analytics analyze your own channel and give you all the statistics, but it can also do that for other channels. If you want to see the statistics of another bigger channel just to get an idea, YT Channel Analytics is the tool for you and your channel. You can also monitor the performance of your channel and videos using YT Channel Analytics.

You can find all the important stuff like:

  • total views
  • estimated earning
  • subscribers reports
  • type of channel
  • country of the channel
  • rankings of the channel

How to use YouTube Channel Analytics?

You don’t need any apps for this. Open the tool station website through any browser you like on any device. It is supported by both android and apple devices alike. It works amazingly on a PC. Open the tool station. Go to “channel tools”. Click on ‘YT Channel Analytics’. Copy the link of a YouTube channel you wish to analyze and paste in the given box. Press “submit”. In a few seconds, the YT Channel Analytics will generate the statistics of the channel. It will show the channel type, country of the channel, total subscribers, total uploads and total views. It also shows new subscribers in the last 30 days and the views in the last 30 days. Along with all that, it shows the social blade rank, the subscriber rank, the video view rank, country rank, and music rank. Lastly, it gives a summary of the expected earnings of the channel. It gives an estimate of the daily, monthly and yearly earnings.

Isn’t this handy? And the best part is, YouTube Channel Analytics is completely free of cost.

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